Al Fresco Restaurant, a green haven in Tortona


Al Fresco

As the owners say, Al Fresco is a meeting place with food and dining. Yes, a meeting place, but an incredibly beautiful one.
Al Fresco is one of those places where as soon as you walk through the door you have the feeling that you are on vacation. A cosy space where good food and relax are perfectly combined, creating an informal and jovial atmosphere.
In the middle of the Tortona district, an old, abandoned warehouse gets transformed by introducing plants and greenery where before there was none. This resulted in a beautiful garden with interior spaces awash in natural light. The place is an heterogeneus mix of concepts, it’s in part a sophisticated greenhouse, but also in part Italian bistrot and an artist’s studio.

Indoors it’s very light with huge windows, split into several interconnected spaces where it seems to be inside the veranda of a countryside cottage. There is an open kitchen where the famous chef of Japanese origin Kokichi Takahashi (who worked with Italian cuisine star Carlo Cracco) prepares seriously delicious Italian specialties. The menu changes frequently and all products are local…‘0 km’ concept is taken very seriously here!

Al Fresco is the perfect place even to enjoy a glass of wine or a tasty artisan beer: after all, what is happiness if not chilling outside with a couple of drinks & friends?



Al Fresco
Via Savona 50, Milano
+39 02 49533630




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