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Pasticceria Cova

There’s a place in Milan which has been a sweet institution for the last two centuries. Maybe you have heard of Pasticceria Cova, a prestigious brand name that is synonymous with superb pastries, confectioneries and panettoni, the traditional Christmas loaf which is a symbol of Milan.

Pasticceria Cova is one of those places whose appellation ‘historic venue’ is fully justified: it has been a reference point for gourmands since 1817, when Antonio Cova, a pastry chef of the Great Conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte, opened his first café on the corner of the famous Piazza della Scala.

Since then, the tempting aromas of Cova’s pastries, confectioneries & cappuccino filled the air, attracting European Royal Families and aristocrats who gathered at Cova Café before and after the opera. Cova’s renowned cakes are prepared with unique recipies using the most fresh ingredients such as farm eggs, superior grade Italian flour, freshest milk and fruits from all around the world.
Such sweet marvels are mentioned no less than in the books of Ernest Hemingway, who lived in Milan for a while during I World War and loved Cova’s atmosphere and delicacies.
After the II World War Pasticceria Cova was relocated to the famous Via Montenapoleone and the savory aromas of fresh pastries once again filled the air of this exclusive fashion street.

Allow yourself a well-deserved break from shopping and taste one of Cova’s unique deserts, you won’t regret it! In case you are not a shopping fan and won’t hang out around Milan’s shopping district, you are warned: in addition to its selling point in Via Montenapoleone, Caffè Cova has recently opened also at the Triennale Museum.



Pasticceria Cova
Via Montenapoleone 8, Milano
+39 (0)2 76005599

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