Mudec Museum of Cultures: a must for art and architecture lovers


Mudec Museum of Cultures

Museo delle Culture (Museum of Cultures), or MUDEC, is one of the latest additions to the museum landscape of Milan. It is located in the Tortona area, one of the city’s trendiest districts that emerged recently and became a very hot spot during Milan’s Design Week.

Mudec is a centre dedicated to interdisciplinary research on the cultures of the world, and focuses on the relationship of these cultures with the city of Milan. The focus point of this cultural journey is the permanent exhibition, where the municipal collections of ethnographic material are displayed. The geographical origin of the works includes the Middle and Far East, South and Central America, West and Central Africa, and some items of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Mudec hosts also a library, wich counts more than 4,000 titles and has already become a reference point for the research and studies on non-European Art. Throughout the year the museum organizes and hosts a series of temporary exhibitions devoted to different cultural, anthropology or history topics.

Mudec is worth a visit even though you’re not super passionate about history and artefacts, as the place itself is enchanting. Designed by British architect Sir David Chipperfield, the museum is built inside the old Ansaldo industrial plant. The disused factories, authentic monuments of industrial archaeology, have been converted into studios, workshops and new creative spaces. The central space of the Museum is formed by a shapeless wall backlit by natural light and sorrounded by columns which follow the amorphus shape of the wall. Walking across this central area of the museum feels like being in a futuristic cathedral in the Milky Way!

In the ground floor reception area you will find also a beautiful design store and a nice bistro where you can enjoy a yummy capuccino.

The Museum also features “Mudec Junior”, a space specially designed for kids, where children too can come into contact with the world’s different cultures through games, multimedia equipment and manual workshops.



Mudec Museum of Cultures

Via Tortona 56, Milan

Phone: +39-(0)2-54917


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